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Pre Storage Tips

  • Plan your storage space.
  • Place items you need to access in your vehicle first so they will be in the front of your storage unit.
  • Allow room to walk between your items.
  • Make an inventory of your stored items.
  • Use the same size boxes for easy stacking, avoid putting too much in each box.
  • List contents of each box and seal the boxes with tap and label them.
  • Stack lighter boxed on top.
  • Dishes and glasses should be wrapped in paper and stored on top.
  • Place 2×4 boards on concrete for air movement around your items.
  • Furniture with draws can be filled with dishes or other items.
  • Pictures or mirrors should be packed in crates marked fragile and stacked on end.
  • Drain all gas from lawn mowers, snow blowers, autos, boats, etc.
  • Place frequently used items near the door.
  • Move in heavy, bulky items first.
  • Don’t store anything flammable or combustible, like gasoline, oil, cleaning fluids, paint or paint thinner.
  • Don’t store food.

Keep your mattress and box spring free from dust, insects, rodents and moisture by sealing them in a mattress bag. We sell many types and sizes for your convenience.

We always advise checking with your device manufacturer recommendations prior to storing your electronic devices. Always allow your device a minimum of 24 hours to climatize prior to use after moving from storage.

With specially designed plastic cover, place a pallet or cardboard mat on the floor and stand sofas and matresses on end.

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