12 Moving Tips and Tricks

Moving is stressful, that goes without saying. It doesn’t matter if you’re moving around the block or across the country. Companies like Landmark Self Storage in Edmonton are great sources to help make your moving day easier. Here are 12 tips to help make this process an enjoyable one.

  • Playing music will keep your mood high and make the whole process of packing up everything you own that much more fun.
  • Buy your moving supplies in bulk the first time around. Nothing is more annoying than having to stop packing midway through to leave your house and go to the store. Places like Landmark Self Storage carry all your packing needs, from various box sizes to packing tape and bubble wrap boxes.
  • Buy a lot of boxes that are the same size. This makes staking them in a moving truck or vehicle much easier. And make sure not to pack the boxes of up too much though. Handling heavy boxes can be dangerous, and you don’t want to start you moving day off with a broken foot or sprained wrist.
  • Use bubble wrap to pack up oddly shaped items that refuse to fit into normal sized boxes. Stack them carefully into your u-haul or car, around whatever boxes are already there.
  • Don’t be shy with the bubble wrap! You’re using it to keep your valuables from getting damaged, right? Ensure that they’ll be safe during the move by wrapping them a few extra times.
  • Don’t wait until you’ve already moved in to set up your internet and utilities. Getting an appointment the same day you’re moving can be difficult, so guarantee you’ll be able to stream movies after a long day of moving by setting everything up beforehand.
  • To lessen the clutter you’ve somehow accumulated over the years, donate what you don’t use or hold a garage sale for your unwanted items. It’s better for everyone and the environment than just throwing them into the trash. Unless they’re broken or well used of course.
  • Pack items within items! Make use of every little space available, like empty laundry bins and decorative boxes. Why separate your utensils from their drawer organizes when instead you can wrap everything together with bubble wrap or shrink wrap. It makes packing and unpacking much easier while reducing the number of boxes you need.
  • Pack an overnight bag stuffed with clothes, toiletries, your phone charger, anything you use on an everyday basis and can’t stand to have buried among a mountain of random boxes.
  • Label everything. Note which boxes go in which rooms so you don’t find kitchen dishes in your bathroom. That’s not an efficient way to spend your day.
  • For clothes on hangers in your closet, don’t take them off one by one, only to pack them into a box before having to hang them back up again. Grab a garbage bag and open it up before enclosing it around the bottom of a stack of hanging garments. Move the bag upwards and tie the ends around the base of the hanger’s hook. Now your clothes are ready to move without a fuss.
  • Tape cords and remote controls to there respective electronics so everything stays together and organizes.

Hopefully, your moving adventure will be a bit more stress-free with these tips and tricks. Don’t forget to call Edmonton’s Landmark Self Storage or visit our website if you’re about to move and need somewhere to start. You can’t go wrong with us.

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